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2 edition of elastic and elasto-optic properties of methane as determined by Brillouin spectroscopy. found in the catalog.

elastic and elasto-optic properties of methane as determined by Brillouin spectroscopy.

Stephen Colby Rand

elastic and elasto-optic properties of methane as determined by Brillouin spectroscopy.

by Stephen Colby Rand

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    High pressure Brillouin spectroscopy of natural Kilauea basalt glass not only provides measurements of elastic moduli and density, but we also find a reversible structure change over 0 &ndash 22 GPa. As glass at high pressure is used as a proxy for melt or magma at high pressure, this ultimately documents a structural change in the magma and. The elastic constants and related properties of b-HMX determined by Brillouin scattering. Lewis L. Stevens and Craig J. Eckhardt. a! Department of Chemistry, Center for Materials Research and Analysis, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska sReceived 17 June ; accepted 8 February ; published online 29 April d.

    Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this book to your organisation's collection. The Rock Physics Handbook. 2nd edition Use of classical variational principles to determine bounds for the effective bulk modulus in heterogeneous media Elastic properties of polycrystalline magnesium, iron, and manganese carbonates to. In physics and materials science, elasticity (from Greek ἐλαστός "ductible") is the ability of a body to resist a distorting influence and to return to its original size and shape when that influence or force is removed. Solid objects will deform when adequate loads are applied to them; if the material is elastic, the object will return to its initial shape and size after removal.

    Brillouin scattering from metal superlattices. The dependence of bilayer wavelength on the elastic properties of both Cu/Nb and Mo/Ta superlattices over the range of roughly 10 to A was determined. It is shown that the elastic stiffness coefficient with . This book serves two purposes: 1) to provide worked examples of using DFT to model materials properties, and 2) to provide references to more advanced treatments of these topics in the literature. It is not a definitive reference on density functional theory.

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Elastic and elasto-optic properties of methane as determined by Brillouin spectroscopy by Stephen Colby Rand Download PDF EPUB FB2

The elastic constants and elasto‐optic coefficient ratios of the orientationally disordered β phase of C 2 F 6 have been determined using the technique of high resolution Brillouin spectroscopy.

Just below the triple point, at K, the values of the elastic constants (in units of kbar) are C 11 =±, C 12 =±, and C 44 =± The Cited by: 8. Using Brillouin scattering method some of the elastic and elastooptic constants of Zn(1-x)Be(x)Se crystals with different Be content have been determined at room temperature.

The elastic properties of thin graphitic carbon and hexagonal boron nitride films have been determined by Brillouin light scattering from thermally excited surface acoustic phonons. The carbon films have been grown by plasma beam deposition at °C.

The BN films have been deposited by r.f.-magnetron sputtering and simultaneous ion by: Elastic properties of the boron films have been determined by Brillouin Spectroscopy. Finally, micro-hardness tests have been used to explore cohesion and hardness of.

The elastic properties of methane-propane mixed gas hydrate with cubic structure II (MPH-sII) have been determined as a function of pressure by high-pressure Brillouin spectroscopy.

The elastic constants and elasto‐optic coefficient ratios of the orientationally disordered β phase of C2F6 have been determined using the technique of high resolution Brillouin spectroscopy. Just below the triple point, at K, the values of the elastic constants (in units of kbar) are C11=±, C12=±, and C44=±   Using Brillouin scattering, the elastic and elasto-optic constants of ammonium perchlorate have been measured at room temperature.

The polarized Brillouin scattering spectra yielded the nine elastic constants (in the units of 10 11 dynes cm 2) as follows: C 11 =C 22 =C 33 =C 44 =C 55 =C 66 = l, C 12 =C 23 =C 23 =.

Brillouin light scattering measurements, together with complimentary equation of state (pressure-density) results from X-ray diffraction and methane site occupancies in MH from Raman spectroscopy, were used to derive elastic constants of MH-sI, MH-II, and MH-III phases at high pressures.

Analysis of the elastic. The technique of Brillouin spectroscopy has been used to determine the adiabatic elastic constants, including their temperature dependence, and the elasto‐optic coefficient ratios of single crystals of the metastable orientationally disordered phase Ia of CCl values of the elastic constants at K are C 1 1 =, C 1 2 =, and C 4 4 = (in units of kbar).

Using non-contact, non-invasive Brillouin spectroscopy, we measure the entire elastic stiffness tensor and determine the complete set of elastic moduli of six species of bamboo fiber variants. The review of the elastic and elasto-optic properties of SrLaAlO 4 (SLA) and SrLaGaO 4 (SLG) crystals grown by Czochralski method is presented.

After a brief description of the Brillouin scattering method, used in the characterization of the elastic and elasto-optic properties, the experimental results obtained for SLA and SLG crystals by this method are.

Determination of the full elastic constants (c ij) of methane hydrates (MHs) at extreme pressure-temperature environments is essential to our understanding of the elastic, thermodynamic, and mechanical properties of methane in MH reservoirs on Earth and icy satellites in the solar system.

Here, we have investigated the elastic properties of singe-crystal cubic MH-sI. [6] The geophysical goals of this study are twofold: first, to demonstrate the feasibility of determining the effect of changes in the coordination number of silicon on the elasticity of amorphous silicates at high pressures and temperatures using Brillouin spectroscopy and second, to constrain the elastic properties of hydrous silicate liquids.

When a phase-conjugate mirror employing an effective stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) material in the UV wavelength (such as C 6 H 14 or SF 6) is used as a back mirror of an amplifier, phase front distortion induced on the laser beam in the amplifier can be eliminated, and then the highly controlled properties of the input laser can be.

Geophysics: BLS is one of the main tools in studying the elastic properties of Earth interior (Grimsditch, Handbook of Elastic Properties of Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Vol. I, in Levy, Bass, et al., eds.,). Understanding of the elastic behavior of minerals under high pressure is a crucial factor for developing a model of the Earth's.

The Elastic and Elasto-Optic Properties of Methane as Determined by Brillouin Spectroscopy. A direct evaluation of elastic properties and refractive indices of sol–gel derived calcium modified lead titanate films has been made by means of Brillouin spectroscopy using a new experimental configuration.

R.K. Pathria, Paul D. Beale, in Statistical Mechanics (Third Edition), B Inelastic scattering. Inelastic scattering is an important experimental technique for measuring the dynamical behavior of materials. By measuring the intensity of radiation scattered from a sample as a function of wavevector transfer and frequency change relative to the incident.

This option allows users to search by Publication, Volume and Page Selecting this option will search the current publication in context. Selecting this option will search all publications across the Scitation platform Selecting this option will search all. tals of a-carbon monoxidf, ')'-oxygen, cyclooctane I and methane I by observing the behaviour of acoustic phonons as a function of temperature particularly as the order-disorder phase transition is approached.

To this end the adiabatic elastic constants were determined by the technique of high resolution Brillouin spectroscopy. and optimization require a detailed knowledge of the elastic properties of the constituent layers.

In fact, elasto-optic effect [5,6]. However, in the case of opaque media, either metals or semiconductors, the whole set of elastic constants of a polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett film by Brillouin spectroscopy.

Phys. Rev. B40,doi.values of the elastic modulus that were statisti-cally indistinguishable. Once the data for elastic properties of the films were recorded, the films were once again indented at the same rate, but this time to failure.

The force-displacement data were processed to determine the elastic properties and breaking stress of the graphene membranes.proportional to the frequency used. Surface acoustic wave spectroscopy and acoustic microscopy allow evaluation of elastic properties of the hard films thicker than one micron.

For submicronfilms, frequencies in the range 1 GHz to 50 GHz are needed. The surface Brillouin scattering technique offers the unique opportunity to cover this.